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Caribbean Escapes: Romantic Vacations in Montego Bay, Jamaica

by Colin

For many people, the island of Jamaica is synonymous with romance.  The mountain ranges cloaked with dense tropical forests; the luxurious resorts would welcome couples with their promises of pampering and seclusion; and the Jamaican people themselves, welcome visitors with open arms and an attitude which makes their arrival in Jamaica feel as if they are truly returning home — all of these elements add up to a perfect romantic getaway.  Even Montego Bay, with all its tourist attractions, has plenty of romantic potential, if you know where to look!  Here are just a few places that will spark romance for you and your partner.

Rose Hall Beach Club

In spite of the sinister history of the Rose Hall Great House for which it was named, the Rose Hall Beach Clubs one of Montego Bay’s true gems.  Gone are the days when Jamaica’s White Witch Annie Palmer cast her voodoo spells in the dungeon of her mansion.  A visit to the Rose Hall Beach Club will fill your days with kayaking, snorkeling, para-sailing, waterskiing, or any other conceivable water sport! Click here for more information.

Chukka Blue Adventure Tours

If your romantic vacation in Montego Bay includes an adventure on dry land, Chukka will accommodate you with its 2 1/2 hour horseback trip to one of Jamaica’s ancient sugar plantations.  Chukka Blue Adventure Tours is located at Blue Hole in Sandy Bay. Their guides will lead you through some of Jamaica’s spectacular landscapes to the sugar plantation. Before ending your ride, you and your horse enjoying a refreshing dip in the ocean.

A Day Trip to Cuba

Perhaps you didn’t realize that the island of Cuba lies only 90 miles off the north coast of Jamaica.  This makes it well within range for a day trip. Jamaica’s Vacation Outlet and Tropical Tours will get you there in time to explore all of Havana’s historical haunts and still be back in Montego Bay to enjoy the nightlife!

While you’ll never run out of new things to do along the coastline of Montego Bay, should you get tired of the activities on the water, you can take the time for a leisure couples stroll through the bright stalls of the Crafts Market and the bustling City Center Plaza.  Experiencing a romantic Montego Bay vacation will let the two of you either relax on the beach and dream of tomorrow, or share the adventures which will create tomorrow’s memories!

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